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Feminist porn not only exists, it’s fucking hot.

I offer up proof for you which you can view with your own queer loving eyes: Olivia Woods and Vivi Marie for CrashPad. 

There is happy, enthusiastic consent when they try out the hitachi magic wand, and sweet giggling and tickling while they touch and kiss. There is responsive, light kink play with natural check-ins around likes/dislikes.

The way that Olivia and Vivi interact is natural and feels unscripted. And while my voyeuristic fix is completely fulfilled and I can happily orgasm along with these two, their focus never seems to be on providing a show. One of the great things about CrashPad is it always feels like you happened to wander into someone’s California bedroom, and they ignore you while they continue to pursue each others orgasms. This will also satisfy fans of traditional theatre, television, and film who are still dedicated to not breaking the fourth wall. 

Finally, for those who are doubtful that kids these days are learning anything useful, Olivia and Vivi prove that just isn’t so; they practice exceptionally good sharing skills with their toys, are careful with their scissor(ing), and are kind and considerate at all times. 

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